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Do you want to get the best out of your current workforce or add value to your business? If so then there are a number of courses, events and training opportunities available to businesses from a variety of sources designed to assist employers and employees alike.

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East Coast College

East Coast College can offer a range of courses and specialist training to help improve the skills, knowledge and qualifications of your workforce which can either be delivered at the workplace or at the College.

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NWES is a not-for-profit enterprise agency providing total business support to boost self-employment and encourage enterprise. If you are considering starting your own business then they currently offer a free 2-day “First Steps to Start Up” course which covers a whole range of topics for those looking to start up including business structures, business plans, marketing and budgeting.

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MENTA is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing support to established businesses, sole traders, or new start-ups. They provide a range of business support services that cover Accounts, Media, HR, Business funding as well as a range of Business Masterclasses and training.

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New Anglia Growth Hub

The New Anglia Growth Hub offers free training workshops for businesses already running and established for 6 months or more. Held in various locations across East Suffolk (and going wider into Suffolk and Norfolk) the training can cover topics such as digital marketing, recruitment and financial support.

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