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Relocating Your Business

Why East Suffolk?

“East Suffolk is a strong and dynamic economy with a wide range of opportunities for future growth”

“The area hosts economic assets and opportunities that are amongst the most significant anywhere in the UK”

“East Suffolk is a major international gateway. It benefits from assets that are already world-renowned”

East Suffolk Economic Growth Plan 2018-2023

Live, work and play in East Suffolk

Map of East Suffolk highlighted prominent business regions
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Economic Profile

For a detailed economic profile of East Suffolk, visit the Suffolk Observatory, which has up-to-date statistics for the area, including measures such as employment rate, business count and GVA by industry group.

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East Suffolk can offer a number of incentives for businesses seeking to relocate, primarily through the Enterprise Zones in Lowestoft and Beccles. Businesses moving into these areas can benefit from financial assistance such as business rate relief. For more information, visit the Land and Premises page.

Lowestoft has a number of wards which are allocated as having Assisted Area Status. This enables businesses to receive a higher percentage of funding when applying for a grant from the New Anglia Growth Hub. For more information, visit the New Anglia Growth Hub website.

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A number of businesses from our key sectors are major players in the wider area and even nationally and internationally. For more information on support for these industries, visit the Sectors page. East Suffolk contributes significantly to the strengths of the New Anglia area (Norfolk and Suffolk), as outlined by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. For more information, visit their website.

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