Adastral Park Martlesham

About Adastral Park, Martlesham

In the south of East Suffolk, Adastral Park in Martlesham – and the area surrounding it – is providing a major focus for growth. Significant housing growth is already planned, and – longer term – there are aspirations relating to substantial employment growth at the “Northern Quadrant” (adjacent to Adastral Park), which could complement the growth of the IT cluster. Therefore, this area too is seeing investment, but of different forms, and – building on its strengths – the area needs to flourish.

In this context, East Suffolk Council will support the process of growth by:

  • Encouraging further the activities linked to Innovation Martlesham, including “beyond the wire” of Adastral Park; supporting the delivery of Adastral Park Vision 2025, creating a national centre for a global digital economy; and encouraging the work of the Tommy Flowers Institute

  • Aligning (as far as possible) the nature of planned housing provision with the range and types of local job opportunities and working styles – recognising that informal workspaces may be important for small tech-based businesses

  • Supporting links to University of Suffolk and University of Essex, particularly in relation to higher education in the sphere of data science

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